Henrik Juul


Authorized psychologist, specialist within psychotherapy and supervision.
Founder and owner of the BodyEssence Institute,  Conscious Leaders and seniorpartner in Ki (=Creative Intelligence) Human Resource Institute.


My work primarily takes place with in 3 key areas:

  1. Therapy, process work and personal development
  2. Leadership and organizational development
  3. Supplementary education and supervision

Many years of experience with human development, therapy and process leadership has manifested itself in the Body and Essence psychotherapy.
Apart from my education as psychologist I have received inspiration and acquired knowledge and experience from various directions.
Gestalt therapy, Reich/Lowen bio-energy, stress research, bio-feed back, psychosomatic, health psychology, psycho-neuro immunology, various forms of body and energy work, meditation, consciousness training and Diamond Work are some of the sources of inspiration.

I have received guidance from Natasha Mann, the father of bio-energy, Alexander Lowen, David Boadella (the founder of bio-synthesis) the healer Bob Moore, the dancer Navanita Harris, Eckhart Tolle, A.H. Almaas as well as Faisal Muquaddam, who have created the Diamond Approach of liberation in cooperation with A.H. Almaas.

In addition to this, I feel enriched by the great human and professional depth I have encountered in my supervisor since 1982 Asta Fink mag. art. of philosophy and former lector at the Institute of Psychology at University of Århus.
Since 1997 I have received training by Faisal in Diamond Logos Teaching and have certified as a teacher.