BERT promotes insight into, balancing of and development of the two key dimensions:

  • The ego – personality’s societal qualifications
  • The Essence- the true nature / the level of being

To regain your essence means to become a fully existing human being. This means to regain access to your personal depth, creativity and inner freedom. To experience your inner and outer world in colours instead of various shades of grey.
To be aware, present, and vital in body and mind with a refined sensitivity instead of being trapped in defense mechanisms, survival procedures, self-images and habits. To feel and express sincere joy, love or grief.To experience your own genuine will and true courage instead of being controlled by imposed ideas, and unconscious, negative emotions and fear.

Compared with other forms of therapy the body-essence approach transfers the therapeutic focus from the personal history to the awakening and regaining of the lost source of life. From a holistic perspective we aim at incorporating levels of consciousness and developmental processes in the human process of maturation, which are pre-personal or are behind the personal level. BERT activates and supports the organism’s self-healing process which we regard to be just as important as the acquisition of psychological insight and knowledge.