This word is absolutely central in this context. We use the term essence in the meaning present, substantial existence.The sensed presence of life. Our true nature. The force of life as well as qualities of consciousness and being – which are at the foundation of the individual personality – often covered by or repressed by the ego personality. The essence of a human being has various aspects for instance will power, strength, love, joy, consciousness, silence and compassion.

“The possibilities of the essential substance are overwhelming, its creativity unlimited, its depth never-ending and its intelligence without boundaries.” (A.H. Almaas)

One of the very special characteristics of BERT is that the therapist, who in this context is called the Body – Essence facilitator, does not only listen with the mind and does not just guide by using the intellect’s processing of the client’s word and signals.
The BE – facilitator uses the inner and outer body language and in addition communicates to and with the subtle sense organs at a so to speak “purer” level than the intellectual level.