The Body


The body appears to be a miraculous universe. Not only does it serve as the home for the soul, but every cell is a medium for the creative and self-correcting intelligence of life. The body is a highly advanced instrument which enables us to move in various dimensions of spirituality and essence. It is also through the body we are able to connect with the sources of energy and love, which are beyond ourselves.

The BE facilitator guides in various ways the awareness inwards into the body – to create awareness of senses, feelings, intuitions, images, colours etc. which originate from the essence. The facilitator observes, follows and stimulates the processes within the client. In addition to this, creates via dialogue a space which allows changes to happen. Intensifies the client’s awareness and accept of the belief that the intelligent forces of life work on their terms.

The facilitator is guided by the creative intelligence of the process, facilitates an expanded, conscious awareness and supports the ego’s possibilities of establishing confidence to the essence.