The Aim of BERT


  • To understand the ego-personality and to cooperate with it.
  • To discover and explore the true self and dissolve the false, past and life-reducing identities.
  • To release energy fixed in traumas and psycho-muscular blockages.
  • To promote confidence and the ability to establish contact with the body, the self/ heart /soul/ intuition and higher intelligence
  • To achieve spontaneous deep psychological and somatic healing.
  • To facilitate the best conditions possible to support the flow of the body, the creative intelligence and the organism’s self-healing forces.
  • To make the body a safe, balanced and supporting space in which to feel at home in.
  • To increase awareness / consciousness of unconscious processes.
  • To discover the essence compensations (“holes”) and reestablish contact with the essence.
  • To facilitate a continuous development / maturation at the non-conceptual level.
  • To be able to distinguish between mature spiritual openness and the signs of immature severe disorders of the personality.
  • To increase the ability to dwell within yourself and relate sincerely and openly to other human beings.