BodyEssence Therapist Training


This 2 years continuing training has a special focus on how to facilitate deep psychological and spiritual processes in a safe, respectful and ethical way. By the end of the training the participant has the opportunity to be certified as a BodyEssence Therapist.

The core of this work is: Body & Essence Integrating Psychotherapy and Process-work. Through the work with body and psyche we aim to open up and integrate the essence of the individual human being.

For professional Therapist           
The target group is professional helpers who already have a formal education from universities and certified institutes: Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and some type of medical doctors.

To understand the human body and psyche is trying to understand a miracle: the worlds most simple and still the most complex and advanced system. It’s about trying to understand life and the universe itself. This means that ordinary professional facilitators often works blindly while they think they are seeing and knowing. Some of those helpers ask for a helping hand to get out of being trapped in the academic way of thinking and experiencing their clients. They need to open up their competences to see/ sense/ feel – be aware of, dare to and able to enter into spiritual levels and the subtle dimensions of the body. They feel a strong wish to improve their opportunities to meet the clients where the clients are.

People educated and authorized by traditional universities are coded to be loyal to the teaching they have stored in their unconsciousnes. Their major thinking and sensing are based on conceptualized mindpatterns, scientifical documented theories and tecnics.

One important goal for The Body-Essence Institute is to raise the therapist’s personal and professional background for understanding, matching and cooperating with their clients spiritual experiences, needs and quests. Which also implies that one can communicate precise therapeutically on body-energetic-psychological and spiritual levels. The training program is not a “spiritual education”, but as the work as a BE-facilitator requires the ability to perceive and work on absolute subtle levels of consciousness, the training also involves a deep personal process for the student.



The other major goal for the BE-training is related to the goal just mentioned. That a essential blend to can happen between the teacher and the student. That part of the student’s development happens when essence is activated due to the meeting with and presence of the teacher’s essence.

We also aim to support a continuing proces in which you improve your skills in working with people from a not knowing position, where the facilitator has the openess, clarity and sensitivity to be guided by a higher creative intelligence of the universe, which, of course, also exist in the human organism. The art is to set our conceptual mind on  “stand by” in between.