Consciousbased Innovative Psychotherapy

The BodyEssence Institute in Denmark is a center for the development of and education in holistic treatment and methods of growth at a high professional and ethical standard.

The institute offers:

  • Therapy
  • Training of therapists and medical doctors
  • Supervision
  • Development courses
  • Supplementary education

with reference to the type of body and essence integrating psychotherapy and process work that we call “BodyEssence Resourcing Therapy”.
By working with the body and the psyche this method of work aims to open and integrate the individual person’s native and intelligent inner self – which we call essence.

The therapy courses are aimed at persons who want to find their deeper resources, who feel responsible for their spiritual and personal growth and who consciously wishes to be increasingly open to the opportunities of life.

The supervision and supplementary education courses are aimed at psychologists, psychiatrists and other therapists with an authorized basic training within therapy. The courses are carried out partly by the institute’s Danish teachers and partly by international guest teachers.

Vision and aim
Our vision is to continue our development of precise, profound and efficient trainings within therapy as well as other forms of supplementary training within human development.
In addition, we wish to contribute to the enhancement of psychologists’, doctors’ and therapists’ sensoric competenses as well as scientific universe by continuous training and inspiration from international, innovative thinkers and practical pioneers.
In relation to this, the aim of the institute is to develop a global cooperation in a network of international capacities within health-promoting soma, psycho-spiritual research, education and treatment.
This means to let our methods and knowledge become available to networks in other countries and to arrange courses and training with capable foreign therapists and teachers in Denmark.